Family Business

Since 1946 Abu Shehab has demonstrated the capacity for insight and innovation. With an origin seamlessly interwoven into the fabric of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Abu Shehab began its journey as a domestic fruits & vegetables provider. From the wholesale distribution of fruits and vegetables, Abu Shehab transitioned to become the leading exporter of domestic produce for the region.

In 2011, like the rising tide under a full moon Abu Shehab dawned Mooneh logistics established as a vertically integrated sister company, Mooneh, the country’s largest logistics village, offers a wide range of food and non-food logistical support. Armed with integrity, authenticity, and a vision for excellence Mooneh Logistics quickly became the premier supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables for the Kingdom of Jordan.

Mooneh’s high standards of excellence are representative of our ethos to deliver an optimum brand experience while preserving product integrity and transparency. With a proven method for success; Mooneh Logistics has become the leading choice for traders, authorized dealers and exporters.



Trading and Agriculture Engineering



Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale

Mooneh is the most trusted brand for fruits and vegetables, providing regional retailers with the freshest domestic and international produce. Existing as a pillar to the community,
we adhere to Corporate Social Responsibility by offering
micro-financing to Jordanian farmers.


Olive Production

During the rapid expansion of the wholesale industry in 1991, Abu Shehab expanded its reach to include olive trading. As a result, Abu Shehab successfully exported over 25,000 tons, both regionally and internationally. Presently, with the finest Italian olives and a variety from across the globe, with our packing facilities and comprehensive sorting process, Mooneh’s dedicated staff carefully cultivates and categorizes each olive through our extensive weighing and grading procedures, allowing for only the highest quality to be resold to manufacturers. Mooneh has become the leading manufacturer for olives; exporting 43% of Jordan’s total olive yields across the MENA region; setting precedence for innovation and business excellence.




Distribution and Domestic Transportation

Our specialized distribution services guarantees the on-time delivery of the freshest produce to superstores, airports, restaurants, and hotels. Mooneh has expanded its distribution services to ensure patrons are offered complete transparency of logistical procedures, permitting clients to view up-to-date time logs, stocking levels, and expenditures. Our clients’ comfort is vital, that’s why we offer the luxury to create personalized budgets and inventory notifications, giving our clients complete autonomy of their brand.



Logistics Services


State of the Art Facilities

Technology is a vehicle to enhance the quality of our lives and Mooneh provides hi-tech temperature controlled warehousing and distribution solutions to help maintain the quality of your product. Mooneh is dedicated to implementing best-in-class logistical support; including but not limited to, food, pharmaceutical, and electronic manufacturers. At Mooneh we emphasize consistency and reliability to deliver optimum product integrity. 


Best in Class Technologies




Fresh Air Ventilation


Controlled Humidity

Controlled Humidity


Storage Solutions


With over 50,000 m2 of storage space, our annual output reaches 100,000 tons per year
Boasting an array of warehousing solutions from chilled, frozen, to dry storage options; Mooneh covers all your warehousing needs.

At Mooneh we strive to maximize the quality of your commodity.





















Chilled Storage

Mooneh’s chilled warehousing facilities are consistently monitored to keep your fruits and vegetables below 8°C, maintaining the highest standards of international Food & Drug Safety measures.

With the capacity to allocate over 21,000 tons of fresh produce a year, and up to 9,000 pallets of medical supplies, our temperature controlled facilities will accommodate all of your logistical requirements.



Frozen Storage

With the capacity to store over 10,000 pallets of poultry, meat, and fish our frozen warehouses are maintained between 0-18°C for long and short-term storage options. Mooneh is the optimal choice for storing frozen goods.




Dry Storage

To sufficiently house over 21,000 pharmaceutical and electronic pallets our dry warehouses are strategically kept between 8-25°C.
Mooneh adheres to the strictest regulations from the ISO, FDA, and GDP; guarantying the safety and preservation of your goods.




Bonded Storage

Our cutting edge bonded & non-bonded facilities are tactfully located within close proximity to the Amman customs facility, allowing us to provide low cost transportation options while maintaining the integrity of your products. Mooneh prides itself on the safe keeping of your goods.


Mooneh’s Bonded Warehousing Solutions Offers Competitive Advantages:

  • Close border proximity – drastically cutting your transportation costs
  • Duty free storage allowing you to delay custom fees until re-export
  • Full product insurance coupled with Mooneh’s quality assurance program
  • The option to collateral your bonded commodities for Jordanian bank loans
  • Clients with bonded warehousing services are granted access to package, label, and brand their product while still in storage


Comprehensive Customer Care


Customized Packaging


Coding Information




Demand Planning


Warehouse Guidelines and Safety Procedures

Secured Premises Ensuring Your Product’s Safety


Quality Management System

Operational Utilization (OU) is paramount. As the first logistics company in Jordan to offer a transparent systemization for product logs, Mooneh continues to strive for excellence and innovation. With a surgeon’s eye for detail coupled with our systematic inspections we carefully track your products’ movement allowing us to maintain your product’s integrity from start to finish.




High Level Security


When storing your products we understand that security is essential. With 24 hour electronic surveillance and routine security inspections you can be sure your merchandise is in safe hands.

Mooneh we always strive for excellence and we guarantee our storage options are perfect for preserving the integrity of your brand while keeping your cargo safe.


Trusted By




With Mooneh’s conveniently located, state of the art storage facilities and our commitment to innovation, infrastructure, and service excellence; Agility signed a leasing agreement in 2012 under Mooneh logistics, relieving them from the burden of ownership, allowing Agility to enhance their company’s competitiveness in the dry warehousing markets and propel their brand to new levels.




Mooneh Logistics utilizes its resources to ensure service excellence is always achievable. In August 2013, LG Electronics made a strategic decision to consolidate its operations with Mooneh. As a result, LG customized its operations to be in accordance with Mooneh’s efficiency and lean procedures, allowing for optimum support, and putting them within close proximity to their retail outlets.


Humanitarian Principle

As the International Committee of the Red Cross continues to have a supporting role in alleviating the strain of Syrian refugees displaced by violence, Mooneh embraces our corporate responsibility by addressing the logistical needs of the ICRC operations in Jordan. Mooneh is honored to extend logistical support toward the growing humanitarian and welfare emergencies of Jordan. As a pillar of support for community enrichment, Mooneh is intrinsically linked to alleviating the turbulent issues of our region. With social responsibility at the core of our business values, Mooneh continuously strives to position itself as a critical catalyst for logistical support with ICRC

United Pharma

Because of Mooneh Logistics strict quality assurance parameters and compliance with JFDA regulations, United Pharma signed an agreement under Mooneh Logistics in 2015. Mooneh is a proud provider of logistical support for United Pharma



Kaylani Food, Meat Master, Cheese & More

Since 2012, as a premier provider of warehousing and logistical support services, Mooneh Logistics is honored to have the business of the leading food trader and domestic supplier in Jordan.


Fruit Importer

With our new distribution center and efficient logistical procedures we sort our fresh produce so that it is prepped and ready for immediate store delivery at the highest presentational quality. In addition to our wholesale services, Mooneh offers secondary warehousing and logistical services to meet all of your needs.

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