Humanitarian Logistics

As part of the company’s CSR plan and investment to contribute and support the Syrian crisis in Jordan, Mooneh partnered with NGO’s operations to extend needed logistical support towards the growing humanitarian and welfare emergency in the country.

As a pillar of support for community enrichment, Mooneh is continuously striving to position itself as a critical catalyst and partner for logistical support with humanitarian entities. Therefore, Mooneh is now acting as a logistical role model for relief operations in Jordan.


It effectively manages customer expectations so that its operations adhere to recent online trends as well as the clients' growing service expectations and their much more detailed orders. It adopts new approaches to product distribution and it undergoes advanced forecasting procedures, such as predictive analytics of internal data combined with machine-status data for spare-parts demand. In doing so, it adopts a much more effective way of handling expectations.

Mooneh is committed to offering top-notch supply chain classification and segmentation, improved supplier management, purchase order management, and inventory management for all the FMCG products it handles. The company realizes that one of the most crucial areas for efficient distribution is within the warehouse, where levels of accuracy and productivity have a direct impact on its clients' satisfaction. Its warehouses do not only provide a space to store inventory. But, they are also serve as an integral part of its operation. Its warehouses accommodate for frozen or fresh produce, fast and slower moving items, and different handling conditions.